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Adeline Classic Series Stone Fireplace Mantel

Adeline Mantel shown in Sahara Veined Honed Finish
Classic Series Features

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*For flat wall installations, Return Depth will be determined by your surround facing choice (adjustable or seamless). Return Depth may be increased for cabinet style situations. Mantel Color/Finish, Surround Facing, Optional Flat or Raised Hearths and Overmantels may be chosen by clicking "SELECT" or contacting a Sales Representative.

The Adeline Classic Stone mantel surround is created using a beautiful composite stone mantel material. Each mantel has variations in color and texture that captures the true essence of natural stone. You may order this mantel in a standard or custom size. Optional matching surround facing, hearths, and overmantels are available for this stone mantel in sized to fit your situation. Because the Classic Stone mantel is lightweight, preparation and installation are much easier and much less costly than traditional solid stone mantels. Special wall and floor reinforcement is not necessary for easy installation. Each stone mantel is fire resistant and allows for zero clearance from combustible material (no space required between firebox and this mantel material or surround facing), making it the perfect choice for gas or wood fireplaces.

Note: Please see the Custom Sizing Tab for complete measuring instructions. All orders are reviewed and discussed prior to production.

How To Order:
How To Order Your Mantel

Each of our Classic Series mantels are offered with optional surround facing kits (includes header, legs), flat or raised hearths and an exclusive collection of overmantels. Simply select a style and follow the easy order instructions on the shopping cart page (call with any questions or unique situations 888.493.8898 or email a measurement form).

Note: We specialize in custom size configurations and will be happy to help you create the ideal fireplace for your situation. Please feel free to discuss your special needs with us.

Surround Facing Insets:
Each Classic Stone Mantel surround is available with matching surround facing (inset panel). Matching facing is available in economy 3 to 4 piece Adjustable Facing or Custom 1-Piece inset panel that is sized exactly for your firebox opening. The Custom 1-piece facing is also available with four edge choices. Note: Majestic Series Mantels include a Custom 1-Piece Facing inset panel.

Adjustable Facing Inset Panels
Adjustable Inset
Standard Adjustable Facing

Adjustable Inset Optional Riser Panel
Optional Riser Panel (additional charge)
Request by phone or during
measurement confirmation process

Custom 1-Piece Facing Inset Panels - Optional for Classic Series Mantels • Included for Majestic Series Mantels
Standard Custom Facing
Standard Custom Facing

Picture Frame Custom Facing
Picture Frame Custom Facing
(additional charge)

Arched Custom Facing
Arched Custom Facing
(additional charge)

Determine your style choice and request during measurement confirmation process (we will ask you).
Note: There is an additional charge for Picture Frame or Arched Custom Facing options.

Optional Custom 1-Piece Facing Edges
Bevelled Inset

Bevelled Inset

Half Round Inset

Half Round Inset

OG Inset

OG Inset

Arched Inset

Arched Inset

If you would like an Optional Edge, please request during measurement confirmation process (we will ask you).
Note: There is an additional charge these edge options.

Hearths are placed directly in front of the firebox. You may select a Flat or a Raised hearth to your specifications. Standard flat hearths have a Square Edge, standard raised hearths have a Half Round Edge. You may also choose edges in Half-Round, Beveled, or OG. Note: If you require a special shape let us know (ie: U-shape hearth)

Optional for all Classic Series and Majestic Series Mantels
1-Piece Flat Hearth

1-Piece Flat Hearth shown with standard Square Edge (1")

1-Piece Raised Hearth

1-Piece Raised Hearth shown with standard Half Round Edge. Raised Hearths may range from 2" to 18"

Hearth Edge Choices
Bevelled Hearth

Bevelled Hearth

Square Hearth

Square Hearth

Half Round Hearth

Half Round Hearth

OG Hearth

OG Hearth


 Choose a Flat Hearth if:

Firebox is on the floor:

Firebox on the floor


Firebox is raised off the floor but you prefer to fill the space with facing.

Firebox raised off the floor

 Choose a Raised Hearth if:

Firebox is raised off the floor - you may decide to have the
height of the hearth meet the bottom of the firebox:

Firebox raised off the floor. Hearth meets firebox.


At some point below it and fill the space with facing:

Hearth below firebox. Fill space with facing.

Each mantel in this series has a few dimensions that can change within a range (see the Dimension Table for each mantel). Surround facing is also available in an adjustable kit or custom made to fit your firebox opening size and location from the floor. This flexibility means that, in most cases, you may choose the exact size that best fits your situation. Follow our step-by-step ordering instructions after choosing your mantel above. If you prefer to have us do the work and suggest an appropriate size, click here for a measurement form.

Note: Hearths and Overmantels are also available in custom sizes and can vary in width, height and depth.

Custom Mantel Ordering Steps
See Fitting Guide for Help. If you prefer that we do the work, click here.
Quick Quote Online Measurement Form Step 1 - Choose Opening Width "C"

+ Facing on
Each Side
= "C"

Step 1a - Enter Firebox Width*

Step 2 - Choose Opening Height "B"

Firebox Opening
+ Height from
+ Facing = "B"

Step 2a - Enter Firebox Height*

Step 3 - Choose Finish and Color

Step 4 - Choose Facing Type (included)

Step 5 - Select Hearth (optional)

Step 6 - Select Overmantel (optional)

Note: You will be contacted for measurement confirmation
and firebox opening details prior to your order being processed.

*Skip these steps if you choose adjustable facing.

Installation of our Classic Stone Mantels is relatively simple for both remodel and new building applications. The mantel material is fairly lightweight which makes preparation and installation easier and much less costly than solid stone mantels. Each Classic Stone Mantel is fire resistant and allows for zero clearance from combustible material (no space required between firebox and mantel*), making it the perfect choice for gas or wood fireplaces.

Mantels can be installed with construction adhesive and a few screws. If cutting is required, a circular saw with a masonry diamond blade (found at any home center) will work. We include a repair/filler kit to fill in screw holes, seams or to repair a chip.

For illustrated Installation Instructions, please click here.

*Consult local building codes to determine minimum requirements if applicable.

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This item is eligible for FREE SHIPPING (Regular Delivery) in the contiguous U.S. (If your destination is different please contact us at 888.493.8898 or [email protected])

Shipping Details:

  • Usually ships in 2-3 weeks
  • Delivery can typically be expected in 3-4 weeks from order date
  • This Classic Stone Mantel package ships via Freight Carrier
  • Regular, FREE delivery to your curbside
  • Free Delivery is regular, "curbside" delivery

White Glove Delivery options:

  • Option 1 - "Threshold" delivery: freight carrier will carry items to a ground-floor threshold such a main entry or garage (no stairs)
  • Option 2 - "Room of Choice" delivery: a special delivery service will bring your items to the room you specify, including up or down two flights of stairs
  • Contact one of our mantel specialists at 888.493.8898 to get a quote

Package Information:

  • The primary pieces of this fireplace mantel typically ships in 2 cartons. Individual pieces are light enough for one to two persons to move easily.
  • Options including hearths and overmantels require separate packaging.

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