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Gas Fireplaces
Direct Vent Fireplaces

Direct Vent Fireplaces offer a cozy, effective, and economical heat source for your home. Our Napoleon Gas Fireplaces are popular in new construction and remodeling projects alike because they are vented, yet do not require a chimney. Install our gas fireplace inserts in any room of your house, whether there is an outside wall or not. These energy efficient Direct Vent Fireplaces may be vented to the outdoors through a wall or through a roof. Our gas fireplaces draw combustion air from outside, thereby not consuming or competing with other appliances and furnaces for combustion air. Direct Vent Fireplaces also eliminate drafts and heat loss associated with other vented fireplace chimneys and they have sealed glass viewing windows. Choose from a complete line of accessories for your Napoleon Direct Vent Gas Fireplace including remote control options, doors, trim and louver kits.

Benefits of our Direct Vent Fireplaces include:

  • Versatile fireplace size and venting options
  • Install just about anywhere, including bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Zero-Clearance to combustible construction
  • No costly foundation or chimney required
  • ISO9001 Quality System Certification
  • No electricity is required to operate gas fireplace insert
  • Realistic Phazer gas logs and glowing embers
  • Clear unobstructed view
  • Gas fireplace operates for just pennies/hour
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