Building your fireplace mantel is a snap! Follow these 5 easy steps and you will be ready to enjoy your new mantel.
You will need the following tools and materials to build your mantel (Mounting Brackets included):

Tape Measure

2" Screws (7)

Finish Nails



Washers (7)

Step  1 - Mark Mantel Position on Wall
Remove mantel from box, place in position around the fireplace opening. Center the wood mantel surround and then mark the center of the shelf.
Remove the mantel and measure the distance from the bottom of the mounting bracket (attached to back of mantel) to the bottom of the mantel leg (X distance). Measure up distance “X” from the floor (where you want the base of your mantel leg to sit) and mark on the wall (mark in 2 places and draw a line in between to make sure it’s level). Use the center mark you already marked on the wall and mark the center of the 2nd line. See Fig 1.

Figure 2: Mark the Fireplace Mantel Surrounds

Step 2 - Install Mounting  Boards of the Brackets (mounting brackets included)
Center horizontal Bracket (A) on the center mark of the 2nd line (resting the bottom of Bracket (A) on the top of the line). Secure the wall studs with three screws and three washers (not provided). Important: Make sure this piece is level. Attach the two vertical Brackets (B) to Bracket (A) with the provided dowels. Make sure the Brackets (B) are equal distances apart at the top and bottom. See Figure 1.

Step 3 - Install the Mantel
Secure Brackets (B) to wall studs with three screws and three washers (not provided) on each Bracket.

Figures 4 and 5: Install the Wood Mantel and Scribe Molding

Step 4 - Install the Mantel
Hang mantel on the mounting Bracket with the Metal Hangers (C) already attached to the back of the mantel and the front of the Mounting Bracket. See Figure 2.

Step 5 - Install Inside Scribe Trim Molding
Take the 3 pc. unattached trim moulding (included) and press firmly against the non-combustible facing surface such as stone, marble, brick etc. Make sure trim is also pressed firmly against the inside edge of mantel opening. Use small finish nails to secure scribe trim moulding to the inside of the mantel opening. See Figure 3.

Figures 4 and 5: Install the Wood Mantel and Scribe Molding

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