Electric Fireplace Mantel Packages

Electric fireplaces have recently increased in popularity due to improved artificial flame technology, energy cost savings as well as it being an efficient means of providing supplemental heat. With a complete electric fireplace mantel package you'll be able to add the coziness of a real fireplace to any room in your house, condo or apartment! We offer a large and diversified selection of ready-made, furniture quality electric firebox/mantel combinations. Browse below to find the perfect electric fireplace mantel package to suit your needs.

  • Operate with or without heat for four season enjoyment!
  • Cost Efficient (2¢/hr without heat, 7¢/hr with heat*)
  • Plug into any 120v Electrical Outlet
  • No Venting Required Supplemental heat source for rooms 15'-20'
  • Remote Control is included with selected units

*Electricity rates vary from place to place. For comparison, gas fireplace manufacturers regularly advertise running costs of 17 ¢/hour