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Electric, Gel & Gas Fireplaces

The addition of a fireplace to your home not only adds soothing warmth and ambiance to your space, but also creates a central point to gather with family and friends. Depending on your specific needs, restrictions, taste and budget, we offer multiple solutions to meet virtually any installation. Electric Fireplaces are perfect for quickly and easily adding the look and feel of a fire to any room, without much effort on your end. Artificial flame lighting projections create a dazzling effect while integrated heaters replicate the warmth of a fire for your space. All without the hazards of a real, open flame. Gas Fireplaces give the sought-after look of a wood burning fire, but with an on-demand, clean burning flame. These units are the ideal choice for those looking to create a real burning fire experience within their home. Gel Fireplaces are a great choice for those wanting a true flame, but who do not want the added, costly expenses of plumbing and venting a gas burning fireplace. Gel units burn safe, bio-ethanol which can be replaced with ease as needed.
    Fireplace Solutions for ANY Application
  • Electric Fireplaces – Artificial flame created by light projections. Supplemental heaters for added warmth.
  • Gel Fireplaces – Provides real flames using safe burning, bio-ethanol fuel. Simply replace as needed. No venting, plumbing needed.
  • Gas Fireplaces – Available in Direct Vent and Vent Free. Provides a true fire experience in various designs depending on installation needs.
Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplace Mantel Packages
Over 90 Styles | Starting at $229

Built-In Electric Fireplace Boxes
Over 70 Styles | Starting at $199

TV & Media Consoles
Over 150 Styles | Starting at $279

Electric Fireplace Log Inserts
Over 15 Styles | Starting at $59

Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces
Over 45 Styles | Starting at $199

Freestanding Electric Stoves
Choose from 24 | Starting at $86

Plug-In Electric Fireplaces
Over 34 Styles | Starting at $239
Gas Fireplaces

Vent Free Gas Fireplaces
21 Styles | Starting at $624

Vented Gas Fireplaces
12 Styles | Starting at $1,637

Gas Logs
8 Styles | Starting at $249
Gel Fireplaces

Outdoor Gel Fireplaces
11 Styles | Starting at $119

Gel Fuel
4 Varieties | Starting at $39
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