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Follow these 3 easy steps and you will be ready to enjoy your new shelf.
You will need the following tools and materials to build your mantel shelf (Mounting Brackets included):

Tape Measure

2" Screws (3)



Washers (3)

Step  1 - Location of Shelf Mounting Bracket
Place the shelf on the wall above your fireplace or on the wall at the desired height. Level the shelf and draw a line on the wall at the top of the shelf. Remove the shelf and measure the distance from the top of the shelf to the bottom of the mounting bracket (attached to back of mantel). This measurement will be referred to as distance “X”. Measure down distance “X” from the line previously drawn on wall and draw a second line on the wall parallel to this first line. See Fig 1.

Fig. 1: Mark the Wood Mantel Shelf

Step 2 - Install Mounting Bracket
The shelf mounting bracket is provided in shelf package. See Fig 2. Line up the bottom of the mounting bracket with the line and attach the mounting bracket to the wall in this position. Make sure mounting bracket is level. If you are mounting the bracket on a standard drywall over stud construction, make sure you screw the mounting bracket into the wood studs (2x4's) for strength. When attaching the shelf to a brick surface you must use a masonry lag bolt. Drill three holes in the mortar joints of the brick in the desired position. Insert lag and attach mounting bracket with a bolt. Make sure the mounting bracket is secure to the wall. See Figure 2.

Fig. 2: Install Bracket

Step 3 - Install shelf on mounting bracket
Secure horizontal Bracket (A) to the wall studs with three screws and three washers (not provided). Important: Make sure this piece is level. Hang shelf on mounting Bracket (A) with the Metal Hangers (B) already attached to the back of the shelf and the front of the Mounting Bracket. See Figure 3.

Figures 4 and 5: Install the Wood Mantel and Scribe Molding

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