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Fireplace Mantel Shelf - Metairie

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Embrace the luxurious feel of this robust wood mantel shelf. The Metairie is a stylish design with inspiration drawn from more traditional elements. The combination of tiered, bullnose and dentil moldings make for a visually pleasing aesthetic. Available in standard lengths (60" and 72") or customized sizes and shapes to fit specific dimensions. If you need a standard 60" and 72" wood mantel shelf simply choose a wood type and finish.

  • Customize mantel shelf to a specific length, depth, or brick/stone overlap
  • Available in poplar for painting, poplar for staining, or a specific high quality wood type. For a complete list of wood types please click on the wood types and finishes icon.
  • Installation Guide - Mantel shelf installation requires basic tools and skills.
  • Includes mounting board, wood screws and step-by-step instructions.
  • This shelf ships 1-2 weeks after purchase
Let us help you with your custom shelf!
To order a custom shelf you will need to know your measurements. For instructions on how to measure and order your custom shelf view the Custom Shelf Dimension Worksheet and fill in the appropriate measurements, or call us at 888.493.8898.
Standard Mantel Shelf Sizes
Overall Length D
Lookout Width LW
Shelf Height H
Shelf Depth F
Lookout Depth LD
Price Range
$229.99 – $419.99
$259.99 – $459.99
$299.99 – $739.99

For changes to Lookout Width (LW) or for "L" Shapes, "U" Shapes, and Brick/Stone Overlaps, click here or call 888.493.8898

Getting an estimate and/or purchasing your mantel is simple:
Step 1 - Standard Sizes
Check measurements in the table above and select the standard size shelf of your choice. After you have clicked the appropriate model you will be given opportunity to select wood type and finish options.
Step 2 - Custom Sizes
If you require a custom length and or depth, select the Custom Size icon above. You will be then be given the option to select Overall Length "D" and Shelf Depth "F". Select wood type and finish options.
Step 3 - Special Situations and Shapes - Call 888.493.8898
In many cases we can customize the Overall Length "D", Lookout Width "LW", Shelf Depth "F", and Lookout Depth "LD" - submit online form or call. Special Shapes are also available - please see our Special Shapes information page or call.
Complete measuring instructions, wood type, finish selection and installation information can be found within the Info Center to the left. Cabinet Mantels, Corner Mantels, Overmantels, including TV Cabinets (Plasma and otherwise), Mirror tops and Book Shelves may be made in this mantel style. Please call us with any questions.