General Outdoor Fireplace Questions:
Q. Do most of the outdoor fireplaces, firepits, and firebowls come fully assembled?

A. Our outdoor fireplace kits require 2 or more people to assemble but are simple to put together and generally take less than an hour. You will not need special equipment, mortar, glue, adhesive, or other fasteners. The pieces are built to fit together with an interlocking design. The firepits and firebowls require simple assembly; you will need a wrench and Phillips head screwdriver.

Q. Can outdoor fireplaces withstand rain, and extreme temperatures?

A. Yes, our outdoor fireplaces, firepits, and firebowls are designed to withstand rain, heat, and weather. The Napa collection concrete/fiberglass composition will actually grow stronger with more moisture and time as it continues to cure. You can choose to store your smaller firepits and firebowls during the winter months as you would other patio furnishings.

Q. Are these units designed to withstand the heat from burning wood or gas.

A. Each unit is designed to withstand the heat from the fire. Firepits designed for wood-burning should be used with wood only, not converted to gas.

Q. What are some general safety considerations with an outdoor fireplace?

A. Do not place your outdoor fireplace under a roof overhand or other combustible materials such as patio covers or pergolas. Do not place within 7 feet of windows. Place unit on solid, level ground, preferably level stone or concrete. Flooring must be non-combustible (not asphalt or black top). Observe basic fire safety precautions.

Perfect Outdoor Fireplace Questions:
Q. What is the difference if any between the Perfect Outdoor Fireplace Multi-Screen and the Perfect Outdoor BBQ?

A. The perfect outdoor fireplace is named such because it can be tailored to meet your needs. If you want to use it as a BBQ, you can order the three-position grill. If you would like to use it only as a fireplace you can order the multi-screen version, which allows the fire to be viewed from all sides. You can use gas logs or wood with the multi-screen perfect outdoor fireplace.

Q. How does the Perfect Outdoor Fireplace ship?

A. The Perfect Outdoor Fireplace ships via freight carrier. Please inspect before signing for delivery.

Q. How difficult is it to assemble the Perfect Outdoor Fireplace?

A. Please watch the installation video on the website. The video shows how the Perfect Outdoor Fireplace installs quickly and easily with one or two people. The parts come labeled and with detailed instructions.

Napa Collection Outdoor Fireplace Questions:
Q. What makes the Napa outdoor fireplaces unique?

A. Our Napa Collection outdoor fireplaces are made from a composite concrete and fiberglass mixture that is much lighter and stronger than concrete. They have an aged look and sandy texture that gives the unit an old world charm. They are do-it-yourself assembly that two to four people can install in less than an hour. The interlocking design does not require the use of deteriorating glues or mortar to assemble. You get a custom look and quality for a very affordable price.

Q. How much clearance does the fireplace need?

- The top should be 5 feet from combustible material.
- The front should be kept clear of people and all combustible materials by a distance of at least two feet.
- Sides and back should be at least 1 foot away from combustible materials.

Q. What are the dimensions of the Napa Fireplaces?

- The mid-size fireplace is 32" W x 28" D x 62" H; Firebox dimensions are 29" W (17.3" W opening) x 19.3" D x 35.4" H (19.3" from base to mid-point of firebox archway).
- The large premium fireplace is 42" W x 28" D x 72" H; Firebox dimensions are 29" W (17.3" W opening) x 19.3" D x 37.4" H (26.8" from base to mid-point of firebox archway).

Q. What does the back side of the fireplace look like?

A. The back side of the Napa Collection Outdoor fireplaces is not flat, but continues the beveled look and trim of the front and sides.

Q. Will the fireplace work with a gas log set?

A. The Napa Collection fireplaces can withstand the heat of natural gas or propane log sets. However, if you drill a hole to add a gas line it will void the warranty as these units are made for wood-burning.

Fire Pit Questions:
Q. Does the Patioflame Outdoor Fireplace Log and Burner set come with the decorative stone perimeter?

A. No, the Patioflame Outdoor Fireplace Log and Burner does not include the decorative stone perimeter. It includes a 60,000 BTU burner and a 5-piece log set. Create your own unique surround that matches your décor.

Q. Can I grill on my wood-burning fire pit?

A. Most of our outdoor wood-burning firepits do not come with a cooking grate and are not meant for cooking. You can roast marshmallows or hotdogs as you would an open campfire. Please exercise basic fire precautions to avoid getting burned. Read the owner's manual that comes with your firepit to learn more about fire safety.

Q. Can I use a fire pit on a wood deck?

A. You should not use your fire pit on any combustible surface including wood. You can install a brick or cement slab underlay to place between the fire pit and wood deck. Please refer to your owner's manual to learn more about fire safety.

Fire Bowl Questions:
Q. What is the difference between a fire bowl and a fire pit?

A. Our fire bowls are gas burning and include a gas ring and decorative lava rocks whereas the fire pits burn wood.

Q. Is a fire bowl safe to use with children and pets in the back yard?

A. The propane tank is hidden in the fire bowls we offer. The design makes the fire bowls heavy enough they won't be knocked over. Take the same precautions as you would with a gas-burning grill. Explain fire safety to children and keep pets a safe distance from open flames. Please refer to your owner's manual to learn more about fire safety.

Outdoor Fireplace Kits:
Our fireplace kits are so perfect because they are simple to assemble. You won't need professional help or expensive tools and supplies. Our fireplace kits ship to you in several pieces and take less than an hour to install. You'll need at least two people to lift the heavier pieces, but all the pieces fit together without mortar, glues, or fasteners.

One customer told us her landscaper wanted to charge $25,000 to install an outdoor fireplace. She found the Perfect Outdoor Fireplace. She and her husband had it installed and working in about two hours. She said her landscaper was so impressed he has started recommending it to other clients.

Outdoor Fire Pits, Fire Bowls and Chimineas:
Our outdoor firepits, firebowls, and chimeneas are packaged in one box and are generally delivered by FedEx or UPS ground service. They require simple installation and come with detailed instructions.

All outdoor fireplaces require ash cans, brooms, and sturdy work gloves. Before performing any other maintenance, make sure the fire has completely died down, and then empty the remaining ash or wood into an ash can for disposal. Use a brush to direct the ash into the can and ensure that you get as much ash out of the firebox as possible.
At the start of each season, clean the firebox, chimney, and flue to remove any soot, creosote, or yard debris. You should also check with your local fire station to determine the amount of clearance you should maintain around the fireplace. Three feet is usually the minimum, but it may be higher in fire-prone regions.

Copper Outdoor Fireplaces
Another common type of outdoor fireplace is the ones made from copper. While a little more expensive, these particular models are sought after for its unique and brilliant copper shade, which is much different than the plain black iron types. Storing the fireplace in a dry place away from the harsh weather helps to keep it at its original color. You can use covers for copper fire pits as a way of protecting them from the rain and such without having to move them when not in use.

Brick and Stone Outdoor Fireplaces
Soapstone fireplaces, brick fireplaces and soapstone masonry heaters must properly be cleaned as often as you do with your indoor fireplace. Remove the ash and debris from the firebox after use with soapstone fireplaces. A good investment is installing a chimney cap to keep leaves out of the chimney, which can sometimes spark fires. Although soapstone fireplaces don't have to be covered during the rain or in winter, you'll still want to clean the exteriors in order to keep its attractive appearance.

Fire Pits
The fire pit is a great choice for many yards and patios. Table-style fire pits are also portable, and the design gives you a more dispersed heat pattern. But fire pits can also be pretty high-maintenance. You'll have to take care of the burned materials to prevent embers and soot from being strewed all over your patio space. A few tips will help you out on this.
Keep the fire pit in a place where it won't be knocked over, away from high traffic areas, and away from winds, which can carry your residual ash across your yard. It also helps to buy a heavier model that might stand up better to the elements. If you fire pit is on the patio and exposed to rain, empty it promptly after use. Rain storms will carry your ash across your space in streaks and puddles. A metal fire pit needs a lot of the same care as a chiminea. You'll want to prevent rust by applying sealer or paint, and clean out the trap every once in awhile.

Clay Chimeneas
Clay chimeneas require less maintenance if they're used properly. Before each use, inspect it for cracks and remove debris from the chimney. Do not use it if you see cracks. The heat will continue to damage it, which could create a dangerous situation if it breaks with a fire inside it. If your chimenea is in good condition, start the fire slowly to allow the clay to adapt. You should also keep it covered between uses to reduce exposure to moisture.

It is important to the necessary time to care for your outdoor fireplace properly. With the right amount of maintenance, you're fireplace can last you many years of summer enjoyment.

Wood Burning
We offer many different outdoor wood-burning fire pits, chimeneas, and full-size outdoor fireplaces.

How to choose what outdoor fireplace will work best with your space:

First, decide how large of any area you have to work with and make sure the ground is level. It is best to put your outdoor fireplace on concrete or another non-combustible surface. You should not place your outdoor fireplace on grass or wood. If you have a smaller patio you may want to consider a fire pit, fire bowl, or chimenea because they are more compact. If you have a large backyard space and you want to create the feel of an outdoor living space, take a look at the larger simple-to-install fireplace kits. An outdoor fireplace is a great way to spark lively conversation the next time you entertain in your backyard space. View our wood burning fire pits and chimeneas.

Also consider if you are planning to cook with your outdoor fireplace. Generally the firepits and firebowls are not designed for cooking (although they roast marshmallows for a mean s'more). We do offer the Perfect Outdoor Fireplace in a charcoal/wood burning BBQ edition that functions as an outdoor fireplace and a barbeque.

To view all wood-burning fireplace kits click here.

Gas Burning
Our firebowls use gas as their fuel source. These gas-burning firebowls are made of fireproof materials and are designed to hide the portable propane tank, so they don't require a gas connection. To view all gas burning fire bowls click here.

We also offer gas patio firepits that require a gas connection, and can be customized to any desired look. To view all gas burning fire pits click here.

Our Perfect Outdoor fireplace can be used with an optional gas log set and the Napa Collection can be used with gas logs, however modifications will void the warranty as they are designed for wood burning. To view all gas burning outdoor fireplace kits click here.