Cast Stone Kitchen Hoods

  • Easily customizable with 7 corbels, 11 shelves, & 6 hood styles to choose from
  • Available in 14 Cast Stone finishes and a selection of steel mill hood finishes (nickel silver, brass, copper and bronze)
  • Our experts contact you to complete the process, making sure you get your perfect kitchen hood


Classic Stone Sample Pack

Your sample packet is shipped within 48 hours of receiving your request.
Single cast stone samples available for free upon request. Call 888.493.8898.

Natural Stone
Natural Stone
Natural Stone
Natural Stone
Natural Stone
Honed Stone
Honed Stone
Honed Stone
Honed Stone
Honed Stone
Honed Stone
Sahara Veined
Honed Stone
Ash Veined
Honed Stone
Pearl Veined
Honed Stone

Get Started

Follow the steps below to start configuring your perfect kitchen hood.

Select Your Stone Color

We have 14 color choices available.

Determine Size

Select your crown, hood, shelf, and corbel or bracket style from the tabs above.

Configure Your Dimensions

Call our knowledgeable Design Team to help you measure and order the perfect kitchen hood.

Corbel 701

Corbel 702

Corbel 703

Corbel 704

Corbel 705

Corbel 706

Corbel 707

Shelf 2006

Shelf 2008

Shelf 2010

Shelf 2013

Shelf 2018

Shelf 2020

Shelf 2036

Shelf 2021

Shelf 2111

Shelf B2106

Shelf B2110

Hood 80

Hood 81

Hood 82

Hood 83

Hood 84

Hood 85

Our Grandstock series hoods are available in standard dimensions, which are perfect for simplified projects. Our Grandstock series, unlike most hood options, involve the use of a telescopic canopy. This canopy allows for fully adjustable heights and can accommodate ceilings up to 9 feet. To add a canopy to a custom order, contact a Mantels Direct expert at 888.493.8898

Grandstock B2110

Grandstock B2106

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I get started?
We would like to see what we are working with. It always helps if you can send an image of your kitchen (You can send your image to We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Once you are ready, we will need you to configure your hood by filling out our dimension worksheet (above) to help us customize your hood and turn your dream into a reality.
Will there be any preparation work prior to installing the hood?
For most scenarios, we recommend applying 3/4" plywood around your studs and flush with the drywall. Contact our experts for more information at 888.493.8898.
Can I get a hood without corbels/brackets?
Yes, you can get a kitchen hood without the corbels. During regular installation process, the corbels would be the first part of the installation process. Without the corbels, it is suggested that you first secure plywood which will support the shelf as the corbels would. This piece will later be removed once the installation is complete. Click here for an example
Do you sell fans?
No, we do not sell fans. But we will need to see what fan you plan on using as it will need to be installed during the hood installation. We need to ensure that the construction of the hood will conform to your fan. Generally, in most scenarios, the fan will be hard wired but the installation can be easier if the unit is a plug in. If the unit is a plug in, an outlet will need to be installed.
How should I install my fan?
It is best to have an HVAC specialist present roughly an hour and a half after the initial installation process. The fan will need to be installed before the hood installation and secured into the shelf. The lip for the hole openings on the fan is supported with wood for installation with ease.
How often should we apply sealer to our hood?
Your kitchen hood will already come sealed but we recommend you seal your hood about once a year. This product can be found at a local tile or granite stone store.
How long will an installation take?
No more than half a day.
How far off my countertop should my corbels be?
Most corbels are 29" off the countertop. In most instances (about 85%), the top of the cooking surface to the bottom of the fan should be around 26"-36". A majority of corbels/brackets can be adjusted free of charge.
How wide are the hoods in your photo gallery?
A width of 80" will accommodate most standard pricing. For reference, this hood space is 60" wide.
How long is the shipping and delivery process?
Generally, our hoods will ship in 3 to 4 business weeks, even with our standard Grandstock series. Shortly after placing your order, you will receive an email with an estimated ship date. Cast stone hoods typically arrive in wooden crates. You may need one of the following on hand to help open the carton; knife, hammer, pry bar or wire cutters. For more information on shipping information, contact an expert at 888.498.8898.
Can I order samples of the steel mill finish?
Yes, we can accommodate steel mill samples. Contact a sales team member for information and pricing. Steel mill is a liquid metal. Similar to the characteristics of metal, over time, oxidization will occur. We can offer treatment that will help maintain its original color and minimize oxidiation. Without sealer, the steel mill hoods will age and cure in around a month and a half to four months. Every hood we provide is sealed before being sent out. We recommend that all hoods are sealed with stone sealer roughly once a year.
Are there more options for hood combinations?
Yes we can turn any mantel into a hood. Browse our gallery of cast stone mantels for inspiration.
How are these hoods made?
Every stone hood includes crushed limestone, sand, and other materials that creates a grout-like consistency. These materials are then hand packed into the mold, dried and reinforced with fiberglass (to decrease weight) and white cement. Our honed mantels have a playdoh consistency before going into the mold.
Which construction adhesive works best?
Any adhesive works best but PL construction adhesive (polyurethane) works best.
What is the heaviest part of the hood?
Generally, the shelf will be the heaviest piece. While installing each piece of the hood, we suggest pre-drilling two diagnally holes (on each corbel, and side of the shelf or canopy) to support 3.5" screws (see images below). Support on the shelf includes steel strapping from the shelf hooks into the wall. Ensure that during the installation of the steel strapping that the shelf remains level. See image below for recommended steel strapping materials.
What's the best way to remove the excess fill kit paste from the creases?
A generic sanding sponge (which can be purchased from a standard construction store) can be used after the initial molding has been applied. If you are experiencing inconsistency in color this is quite normal. After installation, the sanding sponge can be used with a damp cloth after the fill kit is nearly dry in order to help with the inconsistency, although we recommend not being too rough while using the sanding sponge.
When can I use my hood?
Much like our cast stone mantels, the hoods need around 30 days to be officially "cured." Since there is no direct heat, the hoods and be used right away wheras our mantels need 30 days before use.