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Our Ventless Gel Fireplaces provide the warmth and cozy atmosphere of a fire without the mess or expense of traditional fireplaces. No venting, chimney or expensive gas hook-up is required to enjoy your gel fuel fireplace. The cost to burn one can of gel fuel is approximately $1.05 per hour. In most cases, you may burn one to three cans in your gel fireplace at a time. Although not designed as a heating source, each decorative fireplace generates approximately 3,000 BTUs per hour when burning.

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Styles, Sizes, and Finishes to complement any décor

Outdoor Gel Fireplaces
10 Styles | Starting from $69.00

Gel Fuel Refills
8 Varieties | Starting from $39.50

Gel Fire Table Top
8 Styles | Starting from $69.00
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