72 Inch Mantel Shelves

About 72” Mantel Shelves

The 72 inch mantel shelf is a horizontal shelf designed to go above a fireplace (can be used without a fireplace as well). They come in various materials from wood and metal to concrete and stone. Styles also vary. Set the tone for a rustic design with a rough cut wood beam mantel. Or elevate a design with a curated stone look mantel.

Are There Safety Considerations When Installing a 72 Inch Mantel Shelf?

Safety should be the foremost thought for any mantel. Be sure your large 72” mantel is installed with proper clearance (distance between the firebox and the mantel) and support. For larger mantels, consider lighter weight materials like cast stone, or hollow wood or concrete mantels.

Given the larger and heavier nature of a 60” mantel, it must be securely attached to the wall to prevent it from falling. Attach brackets to studs in the wall for best support. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions for best results