Fireplace Andirons & Firebacks

About Andirons & Firebacks

Andirons and firebacks serve as both functional and stylistic accessories for your fireplace. Andirons, or firedogs, are brackets that support logs in a fireplace and elevate them off the bottom of the firebox. They are meant to increase air circulation and allow the ashes to drop to the floor away from the burning logs (much like fire grates). The front of the andiron is visible and comes in various styles to add to the design of the space. Firebacks are large metal plates that cover the back wall of the fireplace and are meant to reflect heat back into the room. They too come in various designs that add to the ambiance of the fireplace.

How Do You Install a Fireback?

Installing your fireback can be as simple as setting against the back wall of your firebox. However, if you want to get the full benefits of a fireback, order fireback feet. These holders are a resting place for your fireback and allow you to place it properly and align it with the hottest part of your fire. For best heating results, tilt your fireback slightly forward to reflect the heat into the room.

Can You Use Andirons and Firebacks with Gas Logs?

Because andirons and firebacks are both decorative and functional, you can use them with any type of fireplace including gas logs. When it comes to gas fireplaces, be sure to select materials that not only look good, but are efficient at amplifying the heat. Cast iron and stainless steel are favorites.