Traditional Mantel Packages

About Traditional Fireplace with Mantels

Add to your cozy living space with a traditional fireplace with a mantel. Whether you want a stone, marble, or wood surround, these mantel topped fireplaces make a statement in your design and deliver on warmth and ambiance.

What Is a Traditional Fireplace with Mantel?

A traditional fireplace is styled in a classic fashion but can be wood-burning, gas, or electric. They are often carved wood, or painted wood but can also be stone. The styling is often ornate with plenty of curves and details. The mantel itself can be part of the surround or it can be a separate entity. Many of our traditional fireplaces with mantels come in one piece.

Traditional Fireplace Mantel Package

Get everything you need for a cozy gas fireplace with mantel as a part of a mantel package. This includes the fireplace, surround, and mantel for one price. All that’s left for you to do is decide where you want it. Choose from all different materials, styles, and sizes to complete your fireplace.