Fire Glass

What Does Fire Glass Do?

Fire glass is a decorative addition to a gas fireplace, firepit, or firebowl that can be used instead of logs. It is made of tempered glass and can withstand high heat without melting, burning, or becoming discolored. It comes in many colors and sizes and makes a great addition to a modern style design.

How Long Does Fire Glass Last?

Cared for properly (see manufacturer instructions), fire glass can last a lifetime. It doesn't crack or lose its color or shape. It does not emit any fumes, smoke, or create any ash. It's simple to clean and maintain plus it offers a unique and timeless look.

Does Fire Glass Give Off Heat?

Fire glass, like any glass, does collect and conduct heat. In fact, compared to artificial gas fireplace logs, it radiates heat four times better. That means better heat that lasts longer, even after your fireplace is off.