Outdoor Electric Fireplaces

About Outdoor Electric Fireplaces

Add to your cozy outdoor living space with an electric fireplace. The realistic flame effects and heating options make these the most versatile fireplaces you can add to your patio. Whether pit, bowl, or classic fireplace, these electric fireplaces make a statement in your design.

How Long Do Outdoor Electric Fireplaces Last?

Advanced technology and top-of-the-line quality is the standard in our electric fireplaces. Whatever the style, they continue to give for over a decade depending on frequency of use. Be sure to protect your electric fireplace from the elements and extreme weather conditions.

Outdoor Electric Fireplace Kits

Get everything you need for a cozy fireplace in your backyard with one of our kits. The kits include easy-to-use instructions, pre-cut blocks, adhesive, and a steel insert. Check out our accessories to complete your electric fireplace outdoor experience. All that’s left for you to do is decide where you want it, plug in your fireplace, and you’re all set.