Metal Fireplace Shelves

About Metal Fireplace Mantels & Shelves

Rugged & versatile, our line of metal fireplace mantels provides the rugged utility of steel paired with the sleek beauty of lustrous metal for a stunning modern appeal. Sleek and modern in design and crafted from 100% steel, our unique metal fireplace mantels not only create a dramatic visual statement, but also ensure lasting durability.

How to Install Metal Fireplace Mantels

Each metal fireplace mantel is easy to install and includes a mounting system that ensures superior load stability and support. Additionally, enjoy fast shipping on most models. Due to their materials, our metal fireplace shelves are ideal options for indoor and covered outdoor areas.

Do Metal Fireplace Mantels Get Hot?

The nature of the fireplace is that the area surrounding it gets hot. That’s why it is important to make sure nothing flammable is too near the fireplace. Always make sure to place items at the proper distance to protect them from damage. All mantels do get warm while your fireplace has a fire in it. Metal fireplace mantels also get warmer, however, the temperature is not uncomfortable and remains well below dangerous levels.