Ventless Gas Fireplace Burners

Should a Gas Fireplace be Vented?

Traditional gas burners and fireplaces, or vented models, need to be vented to the outdoors to remove exhaust. Vented models can use an existing chimney or you can have a vent built in at the back of the fireplace. Ventless models are designed to burn more efficiently so no venting is needed. It can be installed in an existing fireplace with the flue closed or can be installed recessed into a wall.

Which is Better Ventless or Vented Gas Fireplace?

Vented gas fireplaces are the natural choice for homes with existing fireplaces (flues and chimneys). They are easy to use and provide excellent heat. Ventless gas fireplaces are for homes with no chimney, or they can be used with an existing chimney with the flue closed. Fuel efficiency is top-of-mind in ventless design. Both heat equally as well. The better option relies on which works best for your needs.

When Should I Replace My Gas Fireplace Burners?

When you find that you are in need of significant or recurring repairs, it's probably time for a gas burner update. You may benefit from some of the newer features available by changing out the burner. If you want to sell your home, use your fireplace more, or do a remodel, that is the perfect time to update your burner too.