Cast Stone Fireplace Mantel Shelves

About Stone Fireplace Mantels

We offer many exquisite hand-crafted cast stone fireplace mantels and shelves in a variety of finishes and colors with elegant facing, hearth, and overmantel options. Stone mantel shelves are fire resistant and allow for zero clearance from combustible material, making them the perfect choice for gas or wood fireplaces. The aesthetics of a stone fireplace mantel are unbeatable, installation and maintenance is easy, and shipping is always free. Get started with samples and free design consultation with our veteran mantel experts.

What is a Cast Stone Fireplace Mantel?

A cast stone fireplace mantel is a mantel and surround for a fireplace that is made from real stone but is not solid stone. This makes it much lighter weight and easier to maneuver. It is also easier to secure to the wall. It has all the benefits of a stone fireplace with a few added perks due to the fabrication process.

Is a Stone Fireplace Mantel Fireproof?

Cast stone is fire resistant and passes all fire codes and testing with flying colors. It is a safe material to add to your fireplace whether you have wood-burning, gas, electric, or biofuel.