Fire Pits & Tables

One Concept, Many Options

An alternative to the classic fire pit, the fire bowl is an intimate and easy way to enjoy a fireplace expereince on the patio. It comes in a variety of styles and gives you more design options than most other fire pit types.

They are bowls of varying size usually outfitted with gas for a small amount of flame. They lend a bit of warmth and plenty of ambiance for all-season outdoor enjoyment.

Many Styles & Shapes

Inspired by historic Greek styles, the fire bowl has evolved to include many different styles and sizes. Consider a fire bowl with legs that can sit off the ground. Or go with a stone-look bowl that can be place table-top or pool-side. Group them tastefully for an outdoor design that captures interest and imagination.

Do Fire Bowls Keep You Warm?

Besides their elegance, fire bowls take the chill out when the sun sets on your summer evening gathering. The amount of heat a fire bowl produces varies based on its size. The larger the bowl, the more heat. Or you can use a series of smaller bowls to spread the warmth around.

If you're looking for substantial heat for all-seasons, go with a larger fire bowl or a different style fire pit that is designed to produce more heat.