Fireballs and Stones

What Are Fireballs for a Fireplace?

Fireballs are a decorative media placed in a gas fireplace. They are made of the same material as the artificial logs used in gas fireplaces (heat resistant ceramic). They will last a lifetime and offer a timeless rustic chic vibe.

About Fire Stones

Styles range from lava rock to river-look rock. Choose from stones made from ceramic fiber to natural lava rock. Natural stone comes only in dark colors. Ceramic fiber fire stones come in many color options from black to white. You can mix and match colors or types of fire stones for greater depth and interest. Simply add it to the pan of your gas fireplace burner and you're all set.

Can I Put Rocks in My Fireplace?

Can you collect rocks from the yard and add them to your gas fireplace? The short answer is no. Depending on the mineral composition of rocks in your area, many may absorb water and explode when heated. Others may be discolored and scorched when exposed to flame. A better idea is to get rocks rated to withstand high heat. Or better yet, go for ceramic stones that are designed to radiate heat and increase the efficiency of your gas fireplace.