Non Combustible Mantel Shelves

About Non-Combustible Mantel Shelves

Non-combustible mantel shelves are fireplace mantels made from fire-resistant materials like concrete, metal, stone, brick, etc. The non-combustible mantel shelves at Mantels Direct are available in metal, concrete, and cast stone. All models are rated for direct flame and high heat exposure.

Choose from various sizes from 30 inches to 90 inches and styles from rustic wood look mantels to sleek and modern stainless steel.

Do You Need a Non-Combustible Mantel?

A classic wood beam over the fireplace has always posed some risk due to its flammable nature. With non-combustible mantels, you decrease the risk but keep the look you love. But fire resistance isn’t the only reason you might need a non-combustible mantel.

Many fire-resistant mantels are lighter weight than their counterparts. It’s much easier to install cast stone than a solid piece of wood or stone because they are hollow. Even concrete mantels can be a good lightweight option.

What Is the Clearance for a Non-Combustible Mantel?

Because of their fire resistance, non-combustible mantels can be placed closer to the fireplace than other mantels. Most housing codes require a clearance of 12 inches between the fireplace and the mantel.

Non-combustible mantel shelves require only 6 inches clearance, allowing you many more options when it comes to the design of your fireplace.