Fire Pit Tables

What is a Fire Pit Table?

A fire pit table or fire table is a small, coffee-sized table outfitted with propane that produces a fire pit experience. It's an alternative to classic in-ground firepits and offers a totally different look and experience.

They are easy to install, portable, and offer more style than your everyday fire pit. They can be used in the center of your seating area to create a cozy ambiance and stylish design outside the ordinary.

Do Fire Pit Tables Keep You Warm?

All propane fire pit tables produce heat. The amount of heat depends on the size and capacit of the table. The fire mechanisms are designed to operate within safe limits and keep flames at a safe level.

Fire pit table flames do provide a nice warmth for a chilly summer evening, however, if you are looking for something that provides substantial heat, consider more traditional options.

Are Fire Pit Tables Safe?

Fire pit tables are designed to produce controlled flame that is safe. Fire pit tables should be placed on non-combustable surfaces and used with caution under supervision. Set things up right and you'll be able to safely gather around your fire pit table with guests many a summer evening.