Wood Burning Fire Pits

Are Wood Burning Fire Pits Good?

Wood burning fire pits are metal bowl-like containers that you can place on your patio to safely build a fire. You use wood logs, chips, or pellets for a classic backyard fire that entices all your guests to roast a hot dog or marshmallow.

Whatever the season, a wood burning fire pit offers warmth and ambiance and makes an excellent addition to any backyard oasis.

Are Wood Burning Fire Pits Safe?

There are risks with any open flame but wood burning fire pits are designed to increase your safety and keep the fire contained. Practice safety while using your fire pit and always follow all manufacturer directions.

Types & Styles

Wood burning fire pits come in various shapes, sizes, and types. Some are basic sheet metal with cutouts. Others come as a kit and help you install a firepit you design in your backyard. Still others draw on historic Grecian styles.

Choose the right size for your space from 30"" on up. Most are round in shape but can be octagonal or square as well.