Fireplace screens offer both safety and decoration for your fireplace. Its main purpose is to prevent excessive heat caused by the fire as well as to protect you from sparks and ash that may fly out from the fireplace. However, fireplace screens also serve as decorative accessories that improve the appearance of your fireplace. Mantels Direct offers a unmatched selection of high-quality decorative fireplace screens in different sizes, finishes and styles that will add an appealing accent to your fireplace. Our experienced team of customer service professionals is available to assist you with any questions you may have.

Buying the right fireplace screen is a very important decision. Considering the following steps will help you make the right choice for your situation:

1. Setting up your Budget:

Fireplaces screens vary in prices depending on style, material, finish, and size. Once you’ve decided on your budget, simply choose among the price ranges located on the left-hand side of our “Fireplace Screens” page. You’ll be sure to find the right fireplace screen to meet your needs and your budget.

2. Choosing the Correct Size:

Choosing the correct size fireplace screen is an important step when selecting a fireplace screen. Make sure to measure all dimensions of your fireplace and have them handy. Each fireplace screen will show you the size of the fireplace opening it fits. Compare your dimensions to the dimensions listed on the product page or use our convenient "By Height” and “By Width” feature, located on the left-hand side of our "Fireplace Screen" page. Keep in mind the guidelines on each product page are based on use with a gas fireplace.

Wood Fireplace Sizing Guidelines Flat Fireplace Screens- Should overlap the opening by 1” (or up to 4”) on top and sides. Folding Fireplace Screens should be 3-4” taller than the fireplace opening and 10-12” wider. This will ensure that your screen stands on it’s own.

Selecting your wood fireplace screen based on these guidelines will help protect your room from wayward sparks and embers.

Gas Fireplace Sizing Guidelines

Flat Fireplace Screens should overlap the opening by 1”.

Folding Fireplace Screens need to be 1” taller than the fireplace opening and 10-12” wider. This will ensure that your screen stands on it’s own.

3. Selecting Style and Materials:

After selecting your applicable size range, you’ll need to choose the style and/or material that best suit your needs. We offer a great selection of fireplace screens that includes one to five panels, glass fireplace screens, decorative screens. All are available in a variety of finishes and materials such as copper, bronze, brass, wrought iron and more. It’s important to always consider the décor of the room and the fireplace where the fireplace screen will be placed. Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, you want your fireplace screen to accent your fireplace and blend with the room.

If you have questions, please visit our Fireplace Accessory Glossary or contact us. For more information on how to buy other fireplace acessories click on Fireplace Tools or Fireplace Log Holders and Log Carriers.