Log holders and log carriers are essential accessories that every fireplace owner must have. Log holders and carriers offer convenient firewood storage next to your fireplace or if used outside can help keep your fire wood dry. Mantels Direct is committed to providing you with a great selection of log holders and log carriers made of finest materials and we have an experienced team of customer service professionals available to assist you with any questions you may have.

Due to its crucial role in helping you avoid repeated trips from the wood stack to your fireplace, buying the right log holder and carrier is an important decision. Considering the following steps will lead you to the right decision:

1. Setting up your Budget:

Log holders and log carriers vary in prices depending on type, material, finish, and log capacity. Determine your budget and utilize the price ranges located on the left-hand side of our “Log Holders & Log Carriers” page. You will be sure to find the log holder that meets your needs and your budget.

2. Deciding Indoor/Outdoor Use:

It is important to decide where your log holder and/or log carrier will be placed. Do you need a log holder to keep your firewood dry, are you looking to store firewood close to your fireplace for convenience or are you looking to easily carry it? Use our sort by type categories to narrow your selections to log holders, log baskets, log carriers, outdoor log racks or firewood carts.

3. Selecting Material/Finish:

After selecting the use of your log holder or log carrier, the next step to consider is the amount of firewood you want to store. The size or capacity of the log holders and carriers are determined by the size of the room in which the fireplace is located and the size of your fireplace. Large capacity log racks will not suit a small apartment, while a small log carrier will not be sufficient for a huge fireplace in a big house. Select a range from the “By Capacity” feature listed on the left-hand column of our "Log Holders & Log Carriers" page to narrow your selection. Remember small log holders are not only perfect to keep small amount of wood within reach, but they also add a beauty accent to your fireplace. While large log holders are more suited to stock large amount of firewood outdoors.

If you have questions, please visit our Fireplace Accessory Glossary or contact us. For more information on how to buy other fireplace acessories click on Fireplace Screens or Fireplace Tool Sets.