Between cozy bonfires, birthday celebrations, summer barbecues, and outdoor movie nights, your backyard patio will inevitably host plenty of special gatherings for family and friends. There are so many uses for a great patio space, and adding in a fire pit will make your backyard even more conducive to unforgettable social gatherings – and, of course, the opportunity to simply unwind.

If you’re thinking about integrating a fire element to your back patio, take note of the excellent fire pit and fireplace ideas listed below. With various shapes and sizes, the aesthetics of the feature should match the rest of your outdoor furnishings and finishes.

Today’s outdoor patio with firepit ideas have evolved from a simple hole in the ground flanked with paving stones to a much more upscale experience that can make your backyard everyone’s favorite getaway space. Here are a few ways to elevate your outdoor patio with an ambient fire feature.

1. Think Outside the Fire Pit Box

Who said your fire pit has to look like the one your neighbors have? Nowadays, there are thousands of fire pits to choose from that all have their own flavor and style. There are high-end options like this gorgeous Trackside Firepit, which will make your outdoor space feel lavish and sophisticated.

There’s also modern options like this Moderno 5 Outdoor Fire Bowl, which is both beautiful and functional. No matter what type of fire pit you pick, choose one that’s truly unique and will instantly become the focal point of your patio space.

2. Create a True Living Space with a Full Fireplace

If you have bigger dreams for an outdoor fire feature and don’t mind a more involved renovation, then a full-scale fireplace might be a good option. There are many types of outdoor fireplaces that can add a great deal of gravitas to your patio space.

Whether you go with stone materials or opt for a classic brick model, having a fireplace outdoors will transform your patio into an additional living space beyond the house. Outdoor fireplaces bring an extra level of comfort and warmth to a backyard patio or deck, inviting you to gather around it in the colder weather or after dark.

3. Make Backyard Pizza Night a Weekly Event

Another awesome idea that will elevate your backyard (and satisfy your taste buds!) is to incorporate a wood fired pizza oven for the enjoyment of all pepperoni lovers. There are now both wood and gas options available, so you can go with a model that you’ll find easiest to use.

For instance, this red Forno Venetzia Pronto 500 wood fired oven features an authentic brick hearth and is expertly crafted to withstand the elements. No matter what type of oven you choose, being able to make delicious pizzas in your own backyard will be a fun activity for the whole family – or neighborhood!

4. Turn Fire into Art with a Sculptural Fire Pit

For a truly upscale update to your backyard patio or deck, why not make a real statement with a sculptural fire pit that stands alone as a work of art? After all, water fountains aren’t the only type of art that work well in a garden! Artisanal fire pits like this Vesuvius Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit will wow anyone that steps foot in your backyard with its unique triangular design.

There’s also this stunning Manta Ray Artisan Steel Fire Pit that’s hand-designed to appear like a real manta ray gliding through the ocean. Make your fire feature stand out by choosing one that looks like a sculpture in a museum for added outdoor sophistication.

As you contemplate your outdoor patio with fire pit ideas, make sure to consider all of the different factors involved in a fire feature – from size and aesthetics down to heat and smoke amounts. Here are several of the main things to keep in mind as you make your choice.

 Fireplace vs. Firepit