Fireplace Andirons not only add an elegant touch to your fireplace, but they also perform an important function in the care and maintenance of your fireplace. Andirons are designed to hold firewood in place, preventing logs from shifting or rolling out of the fireplace during the burning process. Andirons keep the firewood elevated to facilitate air circulation under the logs for a more efficient burning.

These decorative and functional devices are used to blow more air into a wood burning fireplace, increasing the combustion and producing strong flames. These fireplace accessories are triangular shaped bags usually made of leather, on wooden frame with a brass nozzle at one end and two handles at the other end. Fireplace bellows eliminate the need to blow directly into a fire, thus reducing the risks for burns.

A mechanical device used to reduce or close the opening between the firebox and flue. Both wood burning and gas fireplaces use a damper. The damper needs to be closed when the fireplace is not in use to keep heat from escaping up the chimney.

A Fireback is a protective, heat-resistant insert that is placed against the back of the fireplace wall. Usually made of black cast iron, the fireplace fireback not only protects the masonry and mortar from the fire, but also reflects the heat back into the room.

Fireplace Screen:
A screen that sits in front of the fireplace opening to protect carpets and wood floors from flying sparks, hot ashes, and logs. Fireplace screens also serve as decorative elements to enhance the look of a room or fireplace. They come in different sizes, shapes, styles, materials and finishes.

Fireplace Tool Set:
Fireplace toolset is used for the maintenance and the cleaning of the fireplace. Usually a fireplace toolsets come with a poker for stoking the fire, a pair of tongs for lifting burning logs, and a hand broom and shovel for cleaning up ashes. A fireplace tool set can also add a decorative accent to any fireplace.

A grate is a cast iron frame that holds burning wood or coal inside the firebox.

The floor of the fireplace, which usually extends away from the wall. It is normally made from brick or stone. The term is also used as a general description of the firebox in fireplaces and stoves.

Hearth Rug:
Hearth rugs are made of non-flammable materials and placed in front of the hearth to prevent fires and damage to carpets or wood floors.

Log Tote:
A practical device usually made of canvas used for transporting logs.