A fireplace should be a source of enjoyment, ambiance, and warmth (emotional and physical). So if you find you’re turning your nose up at yours, it’s high time for a revamp.

Modernizing a fireplace is one of the easiest remodels you can do. You’ll be amazed at how a little change can shift how you feel about your fireplace. Here are nine modern fireplace remodel ideas that will help you love your fireplace again.

Gray fireplace in a neutral living room.

1. Update the Surround Facing

It’s probably not the fireplace itself that you’ve tired of; it’s probably the surround. If a brown stacked stone surround facing is dragging down the vibe in your space, it’s time for something fresh.

A shift to lighter colors, especially white, is a good move to change things up in your living room. A clean, neutral travertine or limestone surround facing lightens and brightens the space.

A white marble surround facing is right on trend yet, timeless. It won’t weigh down your design and has a luxurious sensibility that introduces elegance into your design. Combine a marble surround with a white mantel for the complete modern package.

2. Go Electric

Maybe what’s got you down is a messy wood-burning fireplace or a high-maintenance gas fireplace. Maybe you don’t use your fireplace as much as you want to because of that.

Solve all your problems with an electric fireplace. They require virtually no maintenance, can be turned on with a switch, have zero mess, and you can use them year round (simply turn off the heat option in the summer).

Look for modern features like different color flames and changeable ember beds in addition to efficient models with stand out supplemental heat. Remote controls and thermostatic functionality help you get and keep the right temperature no matter the weather outside.

Black fireplace in a black walled bathroom with white and gold clawfoot tub in the foreground.

3. Go for a New Mantel

The mantel is like jewelry. A finishing touch that can make the outfit, or the living room in this instance. A new mantel may be all you need to give your fireplace a new lease on life.

If you have an older crown molding-esque oak mantel, you might want to try a rustic beam type mantel in a more neutral wood. Or a clean-edged metal mantel for an ultra contemporary design. A stone mantel adds a natural flair that refreshes an existing fireplace.

Consider a mantel package that lets you update to an electric fireplace complete with surround and mantel for an overhaul that will change your entire look. Be warned, once you start with the fireplace remodel, you might be inspired to start other projects too.

4. Accessorize

Accessorize your mantel? You bet! Just like putting on the right necklace makes the outfit pop, so too you can accessorize your fireplace for a whole new look.

Add a fireplace screen with detailing that suits your design for some on-trend details. Andirons add some spunk without much effort but make all the difference. A new ember bed material can take your gas or electric fireplace from traditional to modern and back again. Select driftwood, crystals, an ash mat, and more to get a whole new look.

Even a new trim around the fireplace or a set of tools can give you the update you’re in need of. Whatever your style, a few accessories can transform your existing fireplace into something special.

Bedroom with white walls and wood floors featuring a large white fireplace and feature wall.

5. Create a Feature Wall

An update to the wall surrounding your fireplace can be enough of a change to make you love your fireplace again. A fresh coat of paint in a bold color, wallpaper, or eye-catching art can all make this the wall that’s central to your space.

Tile or stone on the fireplace wall is a showstopper and a valuable addition to your home. Tin tile is another popular choice, especially in a fresh white or whitewashed color.

Don’t shy away from texture or pattern on your feature wall, especially if you opt to go with a neutral color. It’s a feast for the eyes and draws everyone into the room to enjoy the space, and one another, even if you never turn the fireplace on.

6. Update the Fireplace Insert

An obvious way to transform your fireplace is to slide a new electric fireplace insert into your firebox. Whether you currently have a wood burning, gas, or even electric fireplace, making the transition to a new electric insert is simple.

The most difficult thing about a new insert, is selecting the right size. After that, all you have to do is slide it into your existing firebox and plug it in or directly hard-wire in some cases. Voila, instant fireplace remodel.

The modern features of a new electric fireplace will make your living room feel completely new. Choose a different flame color, intensity or speed to change things up. Get an insert with several ember bed options so you can switch things up with driftwood, crystals, or ashes depending on your design.

Large, modern fireplace in gray.

7. Go Linear

For the ultimate in modern design, go for the linear fireplace. It will probably require a little construction to expand your current fireplace (or cover it up) but it’s worth it.

The wide rectangular fireplace, or linear, has a look different enough from traditional fireplaces that this will shake up your old living room considerably. They can be fully or partially recessed or simply hung on the wall. Most models have about a four-inch profile if you decide to hang them on the wall. You can place them near the floor like a classic fireplace, or you can put them up at eye level. Anything goes with a linear style fireplace.

Linear blends with many different design styles from contemporary to hygge and modern farmhouse to minimalist. They make the perfect complement to a more modern design.

8. Think Outside the Living Room

The living room isn’t the only place you should think about a fireplace. They are the easiest way to up the cozy factor in any room of the house or even outdoors.

Ever wished to have the cozy ambiance of a fireplace in the bathroom? Go for it. Adding an electric fireplace to the bathroom is one of the hottest modern design trends. The supplemental heat and spa type atmosphere that a fireplace adds to the bathroom is something you’ll wonder why you went so long without. Be sure to double check that the model you select is safe for bathroom/damp environments.

The bedroom is another great place to add a fireplace. It will make your bedroom feel like a haven and will draw you in for reading, relaxing, and alone time. The backyard patio is prime territory for an outdoor fireplace. Go with an outdoor rated electric fireplace to keep maintenance and mess virtually non-existent.

Simple sitting area with white fireplace.

9. Restyle the Fireplace

Give your fireplace an update without even touching it by restyling the decor. This will freshen up the look for even the smallest budget and timelines.

Art, candles, garlands, flowers, knick knacks, antiques, books, collections . . . the list of possible decor items for your fireplace and mantel are endless. Let your imagination and your design style guide you for a look that makes your fireplace feel new and different.

Ready to love your fireplace again? Give it the update it (and you deserve). Take one of these modern fireplace remodel ideas and let your creativity take you where it will.

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