Cleaning Natural Stone Marble:

Dust the stone surface with a clean cloth and then use only a mild liquid detergent like Dove with warm water on a soft damp cloth. Rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water and dry with a soft cloth. Once cleaned, you may apply a polish recommended for marble surfaces.

  • Do blot up spills immediately to prevent staining.
  • Do use 0000 steel wool and mild soap to remove dirt from crevices. An SOS pad can also be used but may lightly scratch black marble.
  • Don't use products that contain vinegar, lemon juice, ammonia, alcohol, or cleaners that contain acids such as bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners, tub and tile cleaners, Windex, or abrasive cleaners like Soft Scrub.

Sealing And Enhancing The Polish On Marble

A good quality marble wax should be applied to minimize water spotting and prevent penetration of stains. A wax also enhances the natural color and provides a high polished sheen to the marble. Mantels Direct recommends Super Diamond Wax from Italy; black wax for all black marbles and white for all other marble types.

  • Equipment needed: Super Diamond Wax, a clean dry cloth, 0000 Steel Wool

Instructions for polishing marble

Apply the Super Diamond Wax in a circular motion with the clean cloth and allow wax to form a light haze. Wipe off the wax with the steel wool and buff until a high polish occurs. Reapply wax if a higher sheen is desired. Do not allow wax to dry more than a few minutes as it will be difficult to remove.

Sealing Slate

A sealant enhances the natural color and provides a polished appearance to Natural Cleft Slate. Sealant is readily available at your local hardware store.

  • Equipment needed: Linseed Oil, Tung Oil or a similar product, a clean dry cloth, sealant

Apply the oil to the stone with the clean cloth. One application will normally be sufficient. We don't recommend sealing slate until construction on the house is completed, because it will attract dust.