Fire Glass and Log Sets

About Fire Glass, Logs, and Lava Rock

A fire pit lets you enjoy a crackling backyard fire without the fuss. Add some fire glass, fire pit logs, or lava rock for the fire pit and you amp up your outdoor ambiance. Fire glass and lava rocks can be used in electric, natural gas, or propane fire pits. Fire pit logs generally come in sets that can be attached to your fire pit system.

What Glass Can Be Used in a Fire Pit?

Fire glass is made of tempered glass and has no additives that may be flammable. Not all tempered glass is made the same and burning glass not made specifically for the fire pit may cause toxic fumes to be released. Fire glass does not smoke, produce, fumes, or create sparks. It will not explode when exposed to flame.

Can You Mix Lava Rock and Glass in a Fire Pit?

In short, yes you can! Mixing the two materials creates a unique look that is rustic yet has spots of reflective glamor. They have similar longevity and keep your fire pit looking great season after season. There are slight price and temperature rating differences between lava rock and fire glass but this just serves to make mixing a great choice.