60 Inch Mantel Shelves

About 60 Inch Mantel Shelves

A mantel shelf is a horizontal shelf installed above a fireplace (however, no fireplace is required to use a mantel shelf). They are available in wood, metal, concrete, and other materials. Sizes of mantels vary from 30-90” and the 60” mantle shelf is a popular choice for larger fireplaces that make a statement in your space.

Are There Safety Considerations When Installing a 60 Inch Mantel Shelf?

Safety is an important factor when considering any mantel. Take extra care when installing your mantel shelf to ensure it has proper clearance (distance between the firebox and the mantel) and support.

Given the larger and heavier nature of a 60” mantel, it must be securely attached to the wall to prevent it from falling. Attach brackets to studs in the wall for best support. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

Can 60” Mantel Shelves Be Customized?

You will be able to choose the material, color, and finish on your 60” mantel. Mantels Direct offers additional customizations (like miter cuts for wrap around mantels) in addition to your design elements. Contact us to get started on your customization.

How Long Should a Mantel Shelf Be?

As a general rule of thumb, mantels should be about 3-6 inches wider than the firebox on either side, however, if you have a showpiece fireplace with an extravagant surround, you may need a wider mantel. 12” wider on either side of the firebox is a good standard for larger fireplaces or fireplaces that are meant to be the visual center of the space.

The mantel, especially larger mantels, are like a frame for your fireplace. Depending on your style, you may want to frame up your fireplace minimally, or go for something that really catches they eye.