Firepit Burners

About Fire Pit Burners

A fire pit lets you enjoy a crackling backyard fire without the fuss. Our fire pit burners allow you to create a DIY fire pit in any style and size you desire. Add an automatic ignition system for easy use of your clean-burning fire.

What Is a Fire Pit Burner?

The burner is the functional portion of your firepit where the gas flows and the flame is produced. It is a metal tube or pipe with holes in it where the gas escapes and you can ignite it. Burners are made of heat and rust resistant metals for long-lasting outdoor use.

How Big Should My Fire Pit Burner Be?

The bigger the fire pit burner, the more flames you’ll get. But be sure to balance the size of the fire pit exterior with the size of your burner. A good rule of thumb is to use a fire pit burner that is 12” smaller than the diameter (or inside measure) of your fire pit ring.