Tabletop Fireplaces

Are Tabletop Fire Pits Safe?

Tabletop fireplaces are gas-powered bowls or boxes that produce flame for outdoor enjoyment. To operate your tabletop fireplace safely, be sure to follow all manufacturer instructions. It is an open flame fire pit and should be monitored at all times. Keep and eye on children and pets near your fire pit.

Tabletop firepits are safe to place on top of tables so long as the surface is non-combustable. Check whether the material is safe for tabletop fire bowls then use your fire pit according to instruction and you can enjoy many hours on the patio safely.

Are Tabletop Fire Pits Warm?

These real flame fire pits produce excellent warmth especially since you and your guests can sit very close to them. The warmth they produce varies with the size and shape of the fire pit. The more flame, the more heat you'll get.

Tabletop fire pits produce enough heat to keep you and your guests comfortable on a chilly evening in any season. For extreme weather, however, consider a more traditional option.

Tabletop Fireplace Styles

Tabletop fireplaces come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Many are bowls, others are long, rectangular boxes. All can sit comfortably on top of your patio table and provide the light, heat, and ambiance you want to make a stunning expereince in your backyard getaway.