Fireball Burners

About Fireball Burners

The burner is the component of a gas fireplace where the flame emerges. Fireball burners are designed to work with fireballs, stones, lava rocks, or ceramic logs. The burner is placed in a gas fireplace pan, which sits on the bottom and holds the media of your choice.

What Are Fireballs for a Fireplace?

Fireballs are a gas fireplace decorative media. They are similar to gas fireplace logs in that they are made of the same material (heat resistant ceramic). The rustic chic styling not only looks good, but it will last a lifetime.

About Fire Stones

Fire stones are used in place of artificial logs in a gas fireplace and offer a more modern rustic look. Styles range from river-look rock to lava rock. Stones may be made from ceramic fiber or natural lava rock. Ceramic fiber fire stones come in a variety of colors from black to white and every natural color in between. You can mix and match types of fire stones and colors to create more depth and interest.