Propane Fireplaces

About Propane Fireplace Inserts

The ideal choice to bring style and warmth to your home,a propane fireplace insert offers an instant upgrade for your home. Our collection of propane inserts have excellent warranties, easy-to-use controls, and backup systems for power failures. Enjoy over 55,000 BTUs that can heat over 1,000 square feet.

Install a propane fireplace insert in an existing fireplace and flue for an immediate transformation to your living room.

Do Propane Fireplaces Use a Lot of Propane?

The amount of propane your fireplace uses will vary depending on its BTU rating and how often you use it. In general, a propane fireplace uses one gallon of propane for 100,000 BTU. If your fireplace is rated 50,000 BTU, you’ll use about one gallon of propane every two hours.

Is a Propane Fireplace Worth It?

A propane fireplace is a wonder in efficiency. In fact, it is four-five times more efficient than a wood-burning fireplace, which means it costs less to keep things warm. They are easy to maintain and require little cleaning. They deliver heat and ambiance year after year. Additionally, a fireplace continues to prove an excellent investment in your home, giving you a 100% return for any type of fireplace.