Fire Columns

What is a Fire Column?

An alternative to the patio firepit, a fire column is a tall, slim gas powered cylinlder or pillar-like shape with a smalll spout or bowl of flame at the top. Cousin to the fire bowl and fire table, this new design lends a unique style to the backyard fireplace.

Each of our fire columns is designed with excellent quality for long-lasting outdoor enjoyment. Each is also made in the USA and qualifies for free shipping right to your door.

Fire Column Portability

One of the best features of a fire colum is that it's portable. Move it to wherever suits you best for the night, then move it again for another occasion. Use it as a centerpiece to your evening, or use it as decor. Get more than one to complete a dramatic design.

Fire Column Styles

Fire columns come in a variety of styles from sleek and modern metal or cement looks to rustic stone-faced style. Whether you want to blend into your surroundings with something more natural, or you want your design to stand out distinctively from your surroundings, we have a fire column to suit your taste.