48 Inch Mantel Shelves

About 48” Mantel Shelves

These horizontal shelves are generally installed above a fireplace or mantelpiece. They measure 48 inches in length and span the width of the fireplace. They are available in wood, cast stone, metal, concrete and more.

Design options run from rustic wood beam look to clean-lined and minimal stainless steel. They are easy to install and can be used as a shelf without a fireplace as well.

Can a 48 Inch Mantel Shelf Support Heavy Objects?

The weight capacity of a 48” mantel shelf depends on the material and construction of the shelf and how it is installed. Refer to the manufacturer's manual for specifics on how to install and any weight limitations.

Generally, brackets attached to a wall’s studs provide the most secure installation and weight support. About 50 pounds of weight per bracket installed on a stud is the limit.

Can You Install a TV On/Above a 48 Inch Mantel Shelf?

Yes you can, but consider the heat generated by the fireplace before making decisions about TV placement. Excessive heat can damage TV so refer to the manufacturer's instructions to ensure proper clearance and ventilation.