36 Inch Mantel Shelves

About 36 Inch Mantel Shelf

A 36” mantel shelf is a horizontal shelf that is installed above a fireplace. It can also be used as a shelf without a fireplace. The shelves at Mantels Direct are available in wood, metal, stone, concrete, and more.

How Big Should a Mantel Shelf Be?

Selecting the right size mantel for your fireplace is a matter of both taste and design. Typically, mantels are 3-6 inches wider than the firebox on either side. Depending on the fireplace mantel, you may want to go even wider.

The depth of your mantel is also a matter of taste and design. Standard depth is about 6 inches. Be sure to consider how you will use the mantel and other features of the room to determine the best depth. The height of your mantel depends on where the fireplace is installed. Standard height to install a mantel is about 4.5 feet from the floor but any height is adequate as long as you’ve included the proper clearance between the firebox and the mantel.

How Much Weight Can a 36” Mantel Shelf Hold?

The amount of weight a mantel can hold is determined by the material it is made out of and how it is installed. Always follow manufacturer's instructions for the best outcome. A general rule of thumb for weight limitations is 50 pounds for every stud the mantel is attached to on the wall. For instance, if you hang the mantel using two brackets attached to studs, the mantel may be able to hold 100 pounds.