Ash Buckets

About Ash Buckets

The ash bucket is a container that can be used for storing and transporting ashes, coal, even wood safely. Any fire that produces ashes can get bogged down by too many ashes. The fireplace should be cleared of ashes regularly to ensure good, safe burning and heating.

Can You Put Hot Coals in an Ash Can?

The best storage for ash is in a metal container with a lid. The metal container will not catch fire should there be any hot coals in the can. A lid keeps the ash from blowing around while you transport and dispose of the ashes. Coals often times need to be left to go out completely before disposal. An ash bucket with a lid is a great way to do this. It shuts off the oxygen supply and allows them to go out naturally.

How Do You Empty an Ash Bucket?

It’s easy to empty an ash bucket safely if you take a few precautions. Place the ashes in a metal container and wet them down. Place the metal container outside the house and do not place anything combustible in the container with the ashes. Put them in a safe place until they can be hauled away.