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A Fireplace Mantel is the "meat and bones" of your hearth. It's what gives your fireplace its distinct architectural style, distinguishing it from any other fireplace. Choose from high-quality, budget-friendly traditional wood, economical classic stone, or luxurious marble mantel. Available in both standard and custom sizes, we have a look you'll love that dramatically upgrades your space. Customization is our specialty and we love to accommodate unique layouts with adjustable cabinet & corner mantels and electric fireplace mantel packages.

  • Wood Fireplace Mantles: made of traditional hardwoods like maple, cherry, poplar, or oak our wood are available in several different finish options from traditional to contemporary. When paired with marble, limestone, or granite facing kits, wood surrounds take sophistication to the next level.
  • Like the rustic look? Our Timber Fireplace Mantels are constructed of solid wood and finished with natural linseed oil, mineral spirits, and an exterior-grade stain crafted exclusively for Mantels Direct.
  • Classic Stone Fireplace Mantles: A collection of exquisite hand-crafted silhouettes reminiscent of timeless European design, customize your Cast Stone Fireplace Mantel by pairing it with a hearth or a dramatic overmantel. Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels are more lightweight than solid stone, making them less expensive, more flexible, and easier to install.
  • Marble Fireplace Mantels: Painstakingly carved, our Marble Fireplace Mantel are crafted by masterful local artisans. Available in many stone varieties and colors from the famed marble regions of Europe and Asia. For a lifelong statement piece that turns your hearth into a glorious focal point, marble carries class, elegance, and longevity.

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Stone Mantel Surround Kit Installation

A step by step instructional video showing exactly how to install a stone mantel surround kit, by Mantels Direct. We’ll walk you through everything, from the first step of unpacking your box, to the final step of touching up the edges of your mantel with the floor, as though it was professionally installed.

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