When you want something a little different from what everyone else has, there’s nothing better than custom. Perhaps you have a unique shaped space or have special structural needs. Once again, custom comes to your rescue.

Custom doesn’t have to be expensive or only accessible to the upper echelon. You can have a custom fireplace or mantel relatively easily and without astronomical costs. We offer customizations that you can get with just the click of your mouse. Or if you need more in-depth help, get in touch with our customer service team for projects that need an expert hand.

Here’s what we offer as far as custom options and features for fireplaces and mantels.


Living room with stone fireplace surround and mantel in light beige.

Custom Fireplace Surrounds

Our selection of customizable fireplace surrounds allows you to get the size, material, and design that’s a perfect fit for your space. The surround includes only the mantel and legs of the surround, but not the facing or the fireplace unit.


Each of our customizable fireplace surrounds lets you input the height and width of your surround to fit your existing fireplace opening. Simply measure the opening’s height and width in inches (to the thousandth place) to get an exact fit.

You will also need to input the return depth measurement (the amount your fireplace facing comes off the wall). Return depth may also be influenced by the material of your wall. If you have stone or brick, you’ll need to add an additional ¼ inch to your return depth measurement to account for variations in the facing. Other materials, like tile, don’t require additional space to be added to your initial measurement.


You can choose from available colors to further customize your fireplace surround. These may range from black, white, or gray, to different wood tones. If you aren’t sure what will work best in your space, order samples before making your decision. You can order samples in the same area where you select your color on the product page.


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Marble fireplace surround with mantel in black with lighter brown veins.


While most fireplace surrounds cannot be customized as to material, you can get a custom feel by seeking out the options in the material you want. Wood, stone, composite stone, and marble are all interesting options that can make your fireplace the center of your design.

Wood fireplace surrounds come in natural, stained, and painted options in everything from red oak to maple. You can customize paint color or stain to suit your design.

Stone fireplace surrounds are available in popular granite, limestone, and travertine, plus marble (which we’ll talk about in a moment). They generally come in a facing kit that fits snugly around your fireplace unit.

Composite stone fireplace surrounds, or cast stone fireplace mantels are made of a mixture of lightweight materials that can look just like natural stone but are far lighter, more intricate in design, and more affordable than their natural stone counterparts.

Marble fireplace surrounds are a best seller. They range in style from minimalist to extravagant and come in several natural colors. There’s nothing like a touch of marble in a design. It adds luxury and distinction to any space.


The design of our fireplace surrounds isn’t customizable, but like materials, you can find the style you’re looking for then customize the size and color to fit your space. Your selection ranges from ornate Victorian style to Colonial classic to modern minimalist. There’s something sure to fit your tastes in our versatile selection.



Stacked stone fireplace surround topped with a white mantel.

Customizable Mantel Shelves

Adding a mantel shelf, whether it’s above a fireplace or somewhere else, brings a room together. You can customize your mantel for length, height, finish, and color. Select the material and design you like then customize it to fit your space perfectly.


Mantels are generally available in one or more of the following lengths.

  • 48”
  • 60”
  • 72”

Additionally, you can custom order any length: shorter, longer, or anywhere in between. Some mantels can be customized for height as well. Choose from 4” or 6”. If you want something more dramatic, look for a style that has more height to it or has trims and molding that add extra height.

Depth is not currently customizable, but mantles come in different profiles so search for one that has the right depth then you can customize other aspects of the shelf.

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Metal shelf place over a bed in a large bedroom.


Wood is classic, but there are many options when it comes to mantel shelves. The material can set the tone for the look and feel of the room so your choice is important to the outcome of your space.


Wood is synonymous with mantels. It’s what most people picture when they think about mantels.

For a rustic look, go with a rough sawn pine mantel. If traditional is more your style, select red oak, maple, cherry, poplar, and more. You can choose from a selection of finishes and stains to get the exact color and look to suit your space.

Cast Stone

Cast stone, like concrete, can only be customized by color but these mantels mimic other materials at a lighter weight, better durability, and sometimes lower cost. Wood looks are the most popular choice for a cast stone mantel. You can get a reclaimed wood look or specialty wood look for less.


Metal mantels offer an interesting alternative material that makes a statement.


MDF mantels are made to look like wood but in a lighter, more affordable material. These are available unfinished (just primed) so you can paint it yourself if you want the ultimate in color customization.


From sleek and modern slabs to ornately carved wood, mantel designs run the entire range. Though designs cannot be customized, it is easy to pick the perfect design from among our broad selection then customize color and size to suit.



Collection of fireballs for electric fireplaces in various colors.


Fireplace Media

Even a standard, in-stock fireplace can be made to feel custom with the right accessories. One of those accessories is the media in the fireplace. The logs, stones, embers, crystals, and more can give your fireplace a unique look and feel. Many fireplaces come with different interchangeable media or you can specify which type of media you want.

Additionally, you can purchase media separately to get the exact look you want. Shop for media, fireplace screens, and andirons at Mantels Direct.

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A collection of fire glass for the bed of the electric fireplace.


Several media materials are available. These either come with the fireplace or can be ordered separately.


The traditional media for electric and gas fireplaces is non-flammable logs. They are made out of ceramic fiber or refractory cement. Both do not burn nor show burn marks (however, carbon build up can become visible over time in gas fireplaces). Both can be molded and painted to look like real wood.

Choose from a variety of wood looks.

  • Oak
  • Birch
  • Juniper
  • Quaking Aspen
  • Pine
  • Sassafras
  • Ponderosa
  • Weathered logs
  • Split logs

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Fire Stone & Fireballs

Fire stone is high-heat resistant refractory ceramic. Like the logs, they do not burn or leave burn marks. You can get fire stones in a variety of natural colors. They look just like river rocks and have smooth, monochromatic exteriors. Do not attempt to use real rocks in your fireplace. They can explode in high heat.

Fireballs (fire cannons) are large spheres made of high-heat resistant refractory ceramic that is non-flammable and do not show burn marks. They come in stacked sets that range in width from 18” to 48”. The individual spheres come in either a single size (6”) or in a variety of sizes (2”, 4”, 6”) arranged in an artistic pile. All fireballs come in a variety of natural colors.

Crystals & Fire Glass

Clear and colored crystal type media are a favorite for modern fireplaces. They are made of acrylic or tempered glass and actually have a higher temperature rating (1300 degrees Fahrenheit) than logs, lava rocks, and stones. They can be rounded pebbles or angular shards. Choose from a variety of bright colors or neutrals. Install fire glass in the bottom of your fireplace and enjoy the glimmer of uniqueness they bring.

Lava Rock

Craggy lava rock is a natural material created by lava flows. Your fireplace cannot get hot enough to impact this media. It is naturally heat resistant and durable. It has a black-gray color and comes in various sizes from small pebbles to larger rocks. Purchase lava rock in bags of 5, 10 or 30 pounds.


Similar logs, pinecones are made of ceramic bonded refractory concrete and won’t burn, discolor, or fade. They offer a rustic or traditional look with some flair. They come as individual pieces in a set. You can combine them with logs or get more than one set for a more robust pile.

Ordering Custom

Placing a custom order is simple at Mantels Direct. Just select the size, color, and features of your fireplace or mantel right on the product page on the website. If you need something more to be customized, such as a wrap-around mantel, get in contact with one of our customer service representatives.

We are happy to make mitered cuts for a perfectly fitting wrap-around mantel or build something based on our standard products that will fit your space and tastes better. Get in touch for custom work.

Ready to get started on your customized fireplace or mantel? Browse our selection.

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