Nothing beats the power of gathering outdoors. Whether it's a summer cookout or stargazing with friends and family, an evening outside becomes even better with a fireplace.

Electric fireplaces offer the ambiance of a real fire without the hassle of wood or gas. Rated for outdoor use, these fireplaces should be installed under a cover to protect them from moisture.

While they provide limited heat, they create a cozy focal point (if you’re looking for heat options, check out our patio heaters). Options include portable models or permanent installations like recessed, partially recessed, and surface mounts. Choose from traditional to modern styles to enhance your outdoor space.


Can an Electric Fireplace Go Outdoors?

Yes! With the right setup, an electric fireplace offers the same realistic ambiance as a wood-burning fire, providing year-round enjoyment. Select an electric fireplace with an outdoor rating, designed with built-in protection to resist moisture. Ensure it's installed under a cover, such as an overhang, covered patio, or porch, for added protection.

Electric fireplaces are only warm directly around the unit, as the heat dissipates quickly outdoors. For effective heating, install your fireplace in an enclosed space like a sunroom, conservatory, or enclosed patio. If heat is not a priority, an electric fireplace in an open space still creates a beautiful focal point without the dirt, smoke, or cleanup of a traditional fire. For more heat, consider other outdoor heaters.


Finding the Right Place for Your Outdoor Electric Fireplace

It's easy to find the perfect spot for your outdoor electric fireplace. Ideal locations include:

  • Decks
  • Outdoor Patios
  • Porches

Covered or enclosed spaces are best, but if you don't have or plan to convert your space, you can still enjoy the ambient glow of a flickering fire without heat benefits. Consider a portable electric fireplace to bring indoors after use, protecting it from weather and elements. For a permanent solution, opt for a fireplace insert and choose from three mount types:

  • Fully Recessed: Installed in a wall cut-out, only the front and frame are visible.
  • Partially Recessed: Less deep than fully recessed, with some side visibility.
  • Surface Mount: Mounted on the wall like a flat-screen TV, fully visible.

    Selecting Your Outdoor Electric Fireplace Style

    Outdoor electric fireplaces offer both substance and style. Whether you prefer traditional or modern designs, Mantels Direct has options to suit your taste.

    For a classic look, the SimpliFire Hearth & Home 43-In linear electric fireplace features contemporary styling, hard-wire installation, adjustable flames, and heatless operation.

    The SimpliFire Scion 78-in linear electric fireplace is a massive unit that can easily become the center of your outdoor space. A modern style and direct hard wiring gives this a seamless look. The trim around the fireplace is minimal allowing you to bring the surround right up to the edge of the fireplace—great for minimalist designs.


    Enhance your outdoor experience with the perfect electric fireplace from Mantels Direct, combining convenience, style, and ambiance for unforgettable gatherings.

    Learn more about all your outdoor fireplace options.

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