Wood fireplace mantels have been the material of choice since the fireplace came indoors. They offer natural beauty, can be cut into various sizes and depths, and they last for generations.

Overall, wood fireplace mantels appeal to our senses, evoke coziness, and serve as focal points that enhance the beauty and functionality of living spaces. Their enduring popularity is a testament to the enduring allure of this natural material.

That’s probably why we replicate the look of wood in so many ways. Tile, wallpaper, and even the fireplace mantel. Though a fireplace mantel shelf may look like wood, it might be cast stone or concrete. These wood replicas are so sensational that you may not even be able to tell that they aren’t wood. Beyond that, they have outstanding durability and are non-combustible.

Introducing the “is it wood” challenge. Can you tell what’s wood and what’s not?


Wood look mantel shelf against a white brick wall.

The Ashcroft mantel shelf is crafted from glass fiber-reinforced concrete with authentic rustic wood detailing. It has the look of wood with the durability of stone. Can be used inside or outside. Available in lengths of 60” or 72” and your choice of 8 natural colors.


Wood mantel shelf against a white paneled wall with artwork overhead.

The Pinecliffe mantel shelf is wood. Natural, rough-sawn pine, in fact. The rustic look is completed with decorative metal straps that further enhance the vibe. It comes in standard sizes, 48”, 60”, and 72” but can be customized to your chosen length.


Large living room with black fireplace surround and wood look mantel shelf.

Walnut Creek mantel shelf is hand-crafted walnut. It is 9” deep, one of our deepest mantels and available in standard 60” or 72”. The clean-cut look is a great addition to modern, hygge, or midcentury designs.


Wood look mantel shelf with white glass vase on top.

Mason mantel shelf has the look of a raw wood beam but is cast stone. It is 60” long and comes in two colors or unfinished. Its hollow construction makes it lighter than solid wood or stone and it has no minimum clearance requirement because it is non-combustible.


Wood look mantel shelf with large handcrafted basket on top.

The Vail mantel shelf is wood. It is natural, rough sawn pine and has lots of variations due to the knots and grain. It comes in standard lengths of 48”, 60”, and 72” with 4” and 6” heights. It can be customized to your specific length and depth.


Large sun room with stone fireplace and wood look mantel shelf.

Design Specialties Thermastone Classic is fireproof concrete. The touchable texture and rich visual graining make for an outstanding replica of wood. It is low maintenance, heavy duty and can be used outside. Includes a matching set of corbels for added decoration.


Two wood look mantel shelves labeled with their colors.

The Ellinor mantel shelf is made of Burncrete concrete and is molded from hand-hewn wood beams. The details and hand painting make this mantel stand out and the non-combustibility enhance its appeal. Available in 60” or 72” lengths and four colors.


Close up of wood mantel above fireplace and below a television.

Boone mantel shelf is natural poplar wood. Select from various finishes including black, white, and several stains. You can also get it unfinished. Comes in standard sizes 48”, 60”, and 72”. It is one of the taller mantels for a bolder presence in your design.


Whether you prefer natural wood or a concrete replica of it, you really can’t go wrong with the warmth and beauty a wood (wood-look) mantel provides. Take a look at all your options and get started on a mantel project today.


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